It might be because I enjoy so many different languages and cultures, that I am against the modern ideology of multiculturalism. If every country became multicultural, all cultures would disappear or blend into one. I think that each country should defend its culture in its home territory. Nowadays, with so many people emigrating and moving around, I think immigrants to a country should respect the culture of their new society and seek to integrate into that culture as much as possible. The refusal to do so is as much an example of cultural colonialism as the spread of Coca Cola, MacDonald’s and terrible modern pop culture. Maybe I am just old fashioned. Here is my most recent post on this subject on a Chinese language Forum Westca, ), where I sometimes post in both English and Chinese.

Three points.

1) Culture and race are not the same. I repeat, just because a person looks Asian does not mean they are of Asian culture. Kevin Chong (who was born in Hong Kong) is one of our leading writers in Vancouver and he writes about Canadian culture. He is preparing a book on Canadian pop star Neil Simon. He once said he does not want to write books with “bamboo lettering on the cover”. British writer Kazuo Ishiguro’s best-seller “The Remains of the Day” , could not be more English.

2) I am against multiculturalism because of the money spent by Heritage Canada, and the ideology spouted by teachers and other elites to encourage people to stay in their cultural enclaves. I am against the multiculturalists claim that a Canadian core culture does not exist. I am against the idea that multiculturalism defines Canada. I am against the “anti-racism” industry that feeds off multiculturalism. I am against the confusing message this all gives newcomers and the next generation about their identity. I am in favour of Canadian identity. To judge by the census information, despite the overwhelming propaganda barrage in favour of multiculturalism,more and more people of all origins just want to be Canadian.

3) Effective English is not about TOEFL or GRE results. It is about developing the right habits so that you naturally express yourself correctly. Words have to be learned in context. To speak and write well in any language you need a lot of exposure to the language, and a systematic way of accumulating the natural phrases of the language. 俺穷俺傻 your brain is programmed to put words together in a way that at times is not English. You need to train new neural networks in your brain. This needs to be done in a systematic way. It is not a matter of explanation or intelligence. It is just a matter of training, like training the body. That is what we do at The Linguist. You can read more on my blog.

“Man does not belong to his language or to his race, he belongs to himself alone, for he is a free being, a moral being.” Ernest Renan, Sorbonne 1881

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