A proud man

Epictetus, the Roman stoic philosoper, said that happiness comes from focusing on the things that depend on ourselves not on things that depend on others (or words to that effect).

We recently gave out five full membership scholarships to The Linguist (http://www.thelinguist.com part of my radio program on 96.1 FM. We selected the recipients from among those who studied the hardest on our free site.(www.lingq.com/free) All five have continued to study hard.

The most hard working of these students is a former reseach scientist from North East China, lets call him 大哥(older brother, pronounced Da Grr) the Stoic. He was a fork lift operator when he joined us. He now has a new job in an electrical plant where he has lots of overtime causing him to work from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm. He continues to study hard, saving new words and phrases every day and listening to our content.

Whenever I talk to him he is cheerful, uncomplaining and determined. Despite his full day he even apologizes to me for not doing more on our site, like writing or joining more voice chats.

I do not know what opportunities there are for him in his chosen field. I am confident that he will succeed in whatever he does. In any case, we will give him another 3 months full scholarship on The Linguist when this one expires.

If I lived in the China of the 1970s I would say
农业学大寨,工业学大庆, 移民学大哥。

In agriculture learn from Dazhai, in industry learn from Daqing, in immigration learn from Da Grr.

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