Bureaucracy is the enemy of education

Education should be a personal thing. It should be each individual’s personal journey of discovery and growth. Education is being corrupted by government and bureaucracy. As we spend more and more of society’s money in education, not directly as learners, but as tax-payers via massive organizations with their own agendas and interests, the responsibility and choices of individuals get lost, and the waste just gets larger and larger, and the results, the achievements just plummet.

One example is the continuing willingness of government and schools to invest in systems and technology that are not required or useful. See this article from the Times of London about how schools waste billions on useless gadgetry. I have already commented that the iPod has made language labs obsolete, yet schools are still proud to announce that they have installed a new language lab. Then there is the Canadian public service waste where the government is happy to spend millions on language learners who do not learn. Add to that the government funded immigrants ESL which has to conform to one obscure learning system, and where the only immigrants who really improve in their English are those who do it on their own. Remember the fact that Canadian school kids spend 10 or more years learning French at school and cannot speak it. Then there is the relatively useless Canadian Language Portal at a cost of 16 million dollars. How much waste is hidden in Canadian Government’s “Roadmap for Linguistic Duality“, 1.1 Billion dollars for bilingualism over a period of five years, at the end of which there will be fewer bilingual in Canada than there are today.

How about leaving the choices with the learners, helping them and not the bureaucrats and teachers. If the learners are responsible for their own results, more will succeed.

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