In praise of home schooling

How can you argue against success. Home schooled kids significantly outperform kids in the regular school system in the US. ( I do not know about other countries). The differences based on racial or ethnic origin that we see in the public system appear to disappear amongst home schoolers. There are are over a million home schoolers in the US , and over 100,000 in Canada. It is a great responsibility as a parent. I do not think I could have done it, although I would have loved to. I know my kids would have learned more at home than they did at school. So I want to salute those parents who do it. It is their choice. And home schoolers do have to conform to norms established by the state.

I would imagine that the growth of new models of learning via the internet and new mobile learning devices will make home schooling even more powerful. Maybe we will see a new profession of educator emerge, someone who can help and advise parents on how to home school their kids. Imagine if the cost of the school bureaucracy were removed and learners could access knowledge, and the most effective educators directly. A dream no doubt.

But get this. In Germany people are fined and put in jail for home schooling their children. Parents have their children taken away by the state for wanting to home school them. What sort of monster is the state?

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