Chinese showdown with Harry

Despite my wrangling with Benny, I have always accepted his own evaluation of his language skills, and he has shown me the same courtesy. I think he said that he was 8 or 9 out of ten in his Romance languages and around 5 in Czech, just going from memory. I tend to accept peoples’ own evaluations of their language skills. I have only heard him in one conversation, and that was in Spanish, and I told him that his Spanish was very good. I did not look to find fault with it.

Now a certain Harry has come to this blog to tell me that I speak awkward Chinese and therefore that I should not be offering language learning advice. I have not done much Chinese reading or listening in the last few years, but given a few days to bone up by listening and reading, I would like to challenge Harry to a Chinese showdown. The purpose is not to try to defeat him, or to prove that I am better, but rather to show that I can defend myself in the language. It would be up to the readers of this blog to determine if I did that adequately.

We do not need to be perfect in a language, nor does it matter if we are better or worse than someone else. It only matters if we are satisfied with our ability to communicate.

Harry may, of course, decline to show up. Harry, are you game?

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