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Youtube reported an error

I have two videos that I am trying to export from iMovie to youtube and I keep getting the following message “youtube reported an error”.Does anyone have any advice?Steve Continue reading

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In praise of random repetition

I am not a user of Spaced Repetition Systems. I like Random Repetition, not repetition based on a time table set by a system, or by a teacher, for that matter. I do, however, like to review flash cards. I do it occasionally especially now that I c… Continue reading

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Help! What is the best way to create ‘text and sound only’ videos for youtube

I have been playing around with different ways to develop simple short lessons for different languages , but I have not found a useful software to do this. Does anyone have any advice on how to most simply create a text only video, consisting of w… Continue reading

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Berta y √íscar – Spanish dialogues for learners, now available at iTunes

Berta y √íscar, a podcast of natural dialogues, about everything and anything, in Spanish, is now available at iTunes. From time to time I will mention some of the wonderful learner content that our members at LingQ are creating for our libraries a… Continue reading

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Rejection is a part of language learning. Meetup turndown. Maybe we need a LingQ Meetup.

I was turned down by a Meetup group here in Vancouver that advertized itself as a Russian Speaking Conversation and Adventure Group. To be fair I thought I would be turned down since the group was clear on the kind of members they wanted (see belo… Continue reading

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Kindle kindles my fire

This morning Amazon sent me an email with a few books on education that their system thought I would be interested in. I agreed and decided I wanted to buy these books from the Amazon website. Then I looked at the shipping bill and said “hold it.”… Continue reading

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Moron spamming my blog – is there anything I can do?

Some idiot is spamming my blog with meaningless comments. As soon as I mark him as spam, he changes his name to something else and keeps coming. Unbelievable that there are people with nothing better to do. Any advice? Continue reading

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