Extreme mobile learning – a proposal.

Extreme mobile learning – using a mobile learning device, while being in motion. Eureka!

I listened to a series of lectures and interviews today on the views of education renegade John Talyor Gatto, while jogging. I found the MP3 files at an interesting website. I will be going back there for more audio material to download.  I agree with some of Gatto’s views, and disagree with others. I will discuss these over the next few days or so. That is not the main point of this post.

What struck me today, as a I jogged around the local schoolyard listening to these interviews, was that I am better able to focus on things that I listen to when I am running, than when I sit in a chair. Since obesity, physical inactivity and boredom are major problems with school children, what if, instead of training children to sit quietly in a classroom and expect someone else to teach them,  why don’t we encourage kids to run 30 minutes a day listening to lectures, or stories, or other interesting material on their MP3 players. It just might become a habit, one that they can take with them throughout their lives. This could become a daily routine, taken away from class time.

They would enrich the kids minds and strengthen their bodies. There would still be lost of time left over for all kinds of interactive learning, writing, speaking and lab work.

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One Response to Extreme mobile learning – a proposal.

  1. Xoco says:

    Interesting concept. I think it would be important to sort out which students would find physical activity distracting and which would find it beneficial. I personally can’t focus while exercising. I guess it all points to more individualized methods of instruction and learning.

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