The reading crisis, a letter from Stephen Krashen

I wonder if getting the kids to listen to meaningful content on their MP3 players would not be more useful in improving reading skills than a lot more tests and classes teaching “reading skills”.

From Stephen Krashen to the New York Times

We now know that the reading crisis has reached the US Department of
Education. Education Secretary Arne Duncan thinks that there has been
no public opposition to his policies (“Education Chief Vies to Expand
U.S. Role as Partner on Local Schools,” May 3).

Clearly, neither he nor his staff members have been reading much.
Apparently, they have not read any of the articles in newspapers and
education publications, nor any of the recent books that oppose
Duncan’s program of spending billions on unnecessary standards and
tests at a time when schools are desperately short of funds.

Nor have they talked to many teachers.

Stephen Krashen

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