Better than me or better than I?

Better than me or better than I? We have had a lively discussion at one of our LingQ forums on this question. One source, Grammar Girl. quoted as a reference had this to say.

For me, it is not even worthy of debate. “Better than me” is what I hear most often, and is to me correct. “Does someone speak more correctly than me? Than whom? Than me.” QED.

“Better than I” sounds unnatural to me.  That is not the major issue, however. What is important is how we arrive at our opinion. To me,  correct or standard usage,(and I like to speak correctly) depends entirely on usage. No amount of historical, pseudo-logical or theoretical explanation can convince me that a form of speech that is predominant in a language group, is not “correct”. Grammar books merely describe how the language is used and this varies over time.

When we learn a language, we choose which usage to imitate. If usage in country or region “A” differs from usage in country “B”, I will decide, as a learner, which usage I prefer, for my own reasons, and as long as that is dominant among the native speakers that surround me, that is what I will consider correct.

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