Keep language learning simple for best results.

Here are a couple of recent videos about keeping language learning simple, and avoiding complicated terms, and avoiding putting undue pressure on students to perform. The first one talks about the need to relax and enjoy the language. Language learning is not a performance, it is just communication. And the other talks about the term “pitch” in Japanese, of which I am blissfully unaware and intend to remain so. Just another technical detail to confound learners in my opinion.

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One Response to Keep language learning simple for best results.

  1. R Msr says:

    Sounds like you probably went with iMOVIE ver 9!I’ve been pretty happy with Apple, Steve! Granted, I’ve had a lot of problems with the iphone 4 re: glitch ladened this past month of July into August; yet, maybe you may want to keep up to date with the apple care so you can ask the ?’s/year without piecemeal charge for tech support. I’ve been able to work it out with their many ways to get help (very fair) vs msft where nothing was really available and creativity lacking as you noted with Apple that is not the case very creative they are towards magical and revolutionary like you say your own mini language lab. I know the msft – google connection re: Droid-x and all this new hype over that; yet, they don’t have the infrastructure of Apple to go and get help if need it. I love Final Cut Pro which is the prosumer product (Apple) vs iMovie which is more the consumer level. Sort of like learning a langue you just need to get to know your way around Apple and you’ll find quite a lot to bring together; yet, it is like learning the system or language so you know what to do re: the work arounds to make it go on a much more stabler o/sys than clunky PC software. Apple products last quite remarkably and yet they are so innovative you have to get the latest! I know you’ve been in the lumber biz all your life yet I’ve been in the Tech field all my life the past 30 yrs and I can tell you where else can you go re: cmptrs to get the innovation and the help of Apple if you can find another place I will go there immediately. If you think Droid x becomes something innovative or eva with Sprint please let me know..steve..Make sure you keep up with asking a question a day or every few days re: Apple and you’ll develop the language and get keyed into the system and how they do things and so you can see how more to see your way through things that may not make sense right off. It is really similar re: language as you noted working one’s way through the language as get use to a language I think the same with the cmptr language as well.

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