What are the skills and approaches of an interesting teacher?

Yousef, a regular reader of this blog, in a comment to my previous post , asked the following question?

Steve, I’d be really interested in hearing what kind of approaches or skills you think are useful (for a teacher) to be able to generate interest in the subject.

I am turning the question over to you, my readers. I have my own views, but will wait to hear your views, then I will comment.

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One Response to What are the skills and approaches of an interesting teacher?

  1. Julius Lester says:

    I taught for 34 years at the university level and was awarded the Distinguished Teachers Award, an award given by students. First and most important, you must love what you are teaching and not be afraid to show your enthusiasm for the subject matter. Second, you have to enjoy the process of teaching, meaning, what is the best way to communicate the subject matter to a particular group of students? Student generations change, and the approach used one year might not work the next year.Finally, care about your students. If you invest yourself in them, they will be encouraged to invest in themselves, also. You want them to be successful in the course, and that attitude from the teacher goes much farther than you can imagine.

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