I am looking for advice on using Audacity

I do not use Audacity for recording, since I use Wire Tap Studios with my Mac. However, I know that many people do use Audacity.

On Saturday I will be participating in program put on by the very progressive University of Minho language department, who are actively encouraging local language teachers, to explore how to best to use the web for language instruction.

We will be looking at Audacity amongst other things on Saturday. Do any of you have tricks and tips re the use of Audacity, how to get started, best practices, how to use it for oneself, how to use if in a classroom, or whatever.? Please let me know. If there are good instructional videos on Youtube, I would appreciate hearing about them.

Many thanks in advance.

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One Response to I am looking for advice on using Audacity

  1. paulino brener says:

    I would suggest you look at the online audio editor in http://www.aviary.com/No need to download a program. You can access your audio files wherever you have internet access. You can embed audio in website.

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