Slow and fast recordings, different points in time, all help me notice.

The golden trinity of language learning are your attitude, the time you are prepared to spend with the language, and your ability to notice. Now Alsuvi, one of our Spanish content providers has developed some techniques that help train the ability to notice, at least to judge by my reaction to his Spanish material.

Alsuvi records interesting Spanish content, and some of it like Ciencias en pocas palabras is at normal speed and then at slow speed. There is no question that if you listen once at normal speed, which provides an overview of the meaning, and then listen again at slow speed, you really start to notice a lot of things, vocabulary, tenses, meaning etc.. If you then read the content and save words and phrases, and listen again, you notice even more.

Now Alsuvi has added another twist. He has written and recorded texts in a collection called Puntos de vista that tell the same story from different time perspectives. I saved the different tenses in my lesson page at LingQ. Different forms of the verb show up yellow in different passages, depending on the time perspective. This helps me to notice.  And now I am going out to buy a few things and will listen to the audio and notice some more.This will help the brain get used to these patterns.

Thanks Alsuvi. Remember to work on your ability to notice, in order to be come a better language learner.


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