Spaced Repetition Systems again

LingQ offers the ability to export vocab lists from LingQ to other SRS systems. This generated a discussion on our LingQ Forum about SRS systems.

My views have not changed.

In my experience, any word that you need an SRS system to remember is probably not that important in the first place. I prefer to focus on the words that reappear in the texts that I am reading, not only the relatively infrequent ones that I have saved before, and are highlighted in yellow ( in LingQ), but even the more common ones, that I have not yet learned to use.

I spend most of my time on content, listening and reading. Very few of the many tens of thousands of words that I have saved at LingQ ever move to status 4, or “known”. I kind of like to see them again, even the familiar ones, highlighted in yellow. I occasionally go into my Vocab section and cull a few hundred of them using the batch function to change status.

But as I say, this is all personal.

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