Pathetic NHL Stanley Cup playoffs

The Stanley Cup playoffs are usually the highlight of the professional hockey season in North America. These playoffs are followed on television in Canada, the US and in Europe. The present final is a disgrace. I predict that in ten years European/Russian hockey will take over, and the NHL will lose its preeminent position as the top professional hockey league in the world. 

In the Vancouver-Boston series, the Boston Bruins have been allowed to intimidate the top players on the Canucks, with the acquiescence of the referees. They can punch, slash and spear the top players on the Canucks, during play and after the whistle, and this is either ignored by the referees or at best both the offending Bruin and the Canuck player who got slashed or punched get penalties. The videos on youtube of Marchand repeatedly punching Sedin, knowing that Sedin will not retaliate, or Thomas spearing Sedin in the groin with his goalie stick, all after the play, show how the NHL is allowing its best players, and therefore its product, to be cheapened by goons. I have no respect for the way the Bruins have played, and less for the league in tolerating it and almost promoting it. The whining from some quarters about Vancouver player Burrows biting the finger of a Bruin player (Bergeron) who was shoving his glove in his face is just that, silly whining. What damage was done and why was the glove in Burrow’s face in the first place? 

Vancouver defenceman Aaron Rome’s open ice body check on Horton was not a dirty hit, just a late hit. Unfortunately Horton was injured.The league tolerates and encourages late hits (finish the check) and the decision on when a hit is too late is at best vague. When is it “finishing the check” and when is it “interference”? Other players who have deliberately hit people from behind, or aimed elbows at their heads, and injured them, have received one game suspensions. Rome got suspended for four games, or the rest of the series.

Vancouver player Mason Raymond received a serious injury (broken back) when he was slammed awkwardly into the boards by Bruins defenceman Boychuck, on on obvious interference play. Raymond did not have the puck, and may not even have touched the puck at all in this sequence. No penalty, no suspension, and the incident was not even reviewed by the league. But the Burrow’s biting incident was reviewed by the league?? 

The son of the NHL official responsible for discipline plays for Boston. The Eastern clique that runs the NHL wants the cup in Boston. It will take a lot for the Canucks to win it.

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