Discussion with Richard Simcott

Tomorrow I am having the first of my discussions with Richard Simcott, the excellent British polyglot, on youtube. I hope to discuss, in a few languages and over the next little while,  some of the following points. This list is not complete and is based on requests that I have received.

  • Successful language learning, is it mostly a matter of talent?
  • What can a teacher do? What is most important in the role of a teacher?
  • How best to bring up bilingual or multilingual children.
  • How important is travel to language learning?
  • How many languages can we learn at one time?
Please let me know if there is anything special you would like us to discuss.
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One Response to Discussion with Richard Simcott

  1. Heather says:

    Among my acquaintance here in Poland, general opinion is that people in Scandinavian countries speak such good English (specifically English; I don’t know about other languages) because TV programming from the US/UK is subtitled, not dubbed, and even children’s programs are broadcast in English above a certain age. If the TV consumption is anything like in other nations, that could amount to many hours of listening practice per week, without even going out of your way.I also assume social norms and expectations may play a certain role. If everyone does it, it’s just what you do; it doesn’t seem unusual to speak a second language well, but might rather seem unusual not to.And of course, English would be especially easy for Scandanavians, coming from the same language group. Again, I don’t know anything about how commonly other languages are learned.

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