Language learning burnout

Do you sometimes experience burnout when learning a language? I don’t. I just keep my activities varied, and focus on acitivites that I enjoy.

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One Response to Language learning burnout

  1. Andrew says:

    Yup, completely agree! This is a key to learning <i>anything</i>: mix it up!!Not only should you be finding material that allows you to learn the language in as fun and interesting a way as possible, but you should be moving around and mixing and matching as much as you please: when you get tired of one, go to another! Don’t <i>let</i> yourself get burned out, because whether you do or not is entirely up you.This is why I keep telling people they need to make it as fun as possible, this is why I keep telling people to choose Spanish-language movies, music, TV shows, comics, and books <strong>that they like</strong>, that they personally find fun, entertaining, and/or interesting to watch or read about. It makes all the difference in the world, it means the difference between paying attention intently while having fun doing it, or not at all, it makes the difference between loving learning a language or hating it, it makes the difference between staying in it long enough to really get proficient or getting bored and losing interest and giving up.Pick stuff you enjoy to learn from! My personal favorite is movies because you only need a few good ones, a single movie contains an <i>enormous</i> amount of the language in it (whatever language the movie is in, of course). In my opinion a single 2 hour movie will use the majority of the grammar contained in an entire language, that is most grammar rules for an entire language <i>will</i> get used at least once, not to mention the typically several thousand different vocabulary words! Plus the fact that the grammar and words they do use will tend to be the ones that you really need to know first and foremost if you want to communicate with native speakers because those are by far the most common ones.Cheers,Andrew

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