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Input, input, input. I can’t stress it enough.

I am gathering steam in my Czech. I understand so much more. Now I am able to learn more and faster since I can make sense of so much more of what I read or listen to. I call this the snowball effect of input based learning. One of my commenters a… Continue reading

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Where university education is headed.

Are Harvard and MIT spearheading change in university education or is it Stanford? Could it be LingQ one day? Read this article for an interesting dicussion about the changes that are already taking place in university education. I foresee the day… Continue reading

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Global TV’s Word Play. Are polyglots just different?

Global TV’s program on polyglots was a bit of a disappointment in that it did not point out that anyone can learn another language, and another and another. Here is my video on the subject. Continue reading

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Word Play, a program about polyglots on Canada’s Global Television

Tune in at 7 pm tomorrow, Saturday night, if you are interested. Global Television did a program about polyglots. I was a small part of that program. Continue reading

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My language learning credo.

Language learning is a personal activity. I do it for myself. I learn the language for my own reasons and in my own ways. I focus my efforts on those aspects of the language that interest me the most. Confidence, strong motivation and a positive a… Continue reading

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